These Were The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016

Business Insider  Andy Kiersz data from SSA

Business Insider Andy Kiersz data from SSA

The Social Security Administration is known for a lot of things, but one of its most popular and more pleasant features is its annual ranking of baby names, based on petitions for Social Security cards the previous year.

The list of most popular baby names for 2016 is in.

The rest of the top 10 for girls, in order: Olivia, Ava, Sophia, Isabella, Mia, Charlotte, Abigail, Emily and Harper. There is only one new name in the top 10 this year-Elijah, the first time he has ever reached the list of 10.

Rounding out the top 10 list of baby boys' names in 2016 were Liam, William, Mason, James, Benjamin, Jacob, Michael, Elijah and Ethan.

Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelynn, and Kaitlynn all plunged in popularity a year after Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender and announced her name.

Pop culture affects the popularity of certain names every year. Kehlani jumped 2,487 spots to No. 872.

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Also, the most drastic climb in name ranking for male births was Kylo, which started at 3,269th and now is 901st, according to the SSA. Perhaps this can be attributed to Kehlani Parrish, a singer/songwriter who was nominated for a Grammy in 2016.

Wattenberg's theory could be the reason why the name Caitlyn dropped entirely off the list.

"It was inevitable. Caitlyn was already falling in popularity".

Last year, it fell 542 spots - the biggest drop of any name - to No. 1,151. "Now it is suddenly controversial".

Like a name, Social Security is with you through life's journey, starting at birth when newborns receive their Social Security number.

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