Amazon has brought new, opt-in notifications to Alexa

Amazon has brought new, opt-in notifications to Alexa

Amazon has brought new, opt-in notifications to Alexa

Have an Amazon Alexa-powered gadget with a habit of springing to action when it's not needed?

Anyone who has an Amazon Echo will know how annoying it can be when the device activates itself after falsely detecting that someone has uttered its wake word - usually "Alexa". Just as it sounds, the new feature is meant to improve the accuracy of its wake word detection scheme to reduce or eliminate false wakes caused by similar sounding words. You'll have to go into the Alexa app and enable notifications per skill, or at the very least, allow a service to notify you. But with Wake Word Verification, the device can then send the audio up to Amazon's servers to confirm that it's really hearing the right word.

The technology is available today, but to take advantage of it users will have to update their device's firmware when it is made available by the manufacturer.

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The first product to arrive with the verification tool enabled is the new ecobee4 smart thermostat.

Amazon said third-party hardware developers will need to make a few changes to their device systems in order to utilize the new feature.

"It's super loud and responds to any name even remotely close to Alexa so that they can find out the weather, sports, even local news and pop culture". In a blog post on its site for developers, the company said that "in the coming months" AccuWeather, the Post and others will deploy the feature, and Amazon will use customer feedback to tweak it before letting all software makers incorporate it into their apps. Share your experiences in the bit below that says "comments".

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