Chinese president talks with South Korean president by phone

China has invited South Korea to join a forum on Beijing's regional economic development plan in what appears to be a move to mend the bilateral relationship following the inauguration of new President Moon Jae-in in Seoul, a government official said Friday.

"I, too, aim to find a way to begin talks quickly between North and South Korea as well as the six-party talks", Moon said, referring to talks aimed at denuclearising North Korea involving the United States, China, Japan, Russia and the two Koreas.

North Korea is approaching the capability to threaten America with a nuclear-tipped missile.

Park, the member of parliament heading the delegation, has been mentioned in South Korean media as a strong candidate to be Moon's special envoy to China.

But until Thursday, South Korea had not been invited.

Congratulating Moon on his election as South Korean president, Xi said that China and South Korea are close neighbors as well as important players in the region.

While taking the oath of office Wednesday, Moon said he's open to visiting North Korea under the right conditions.

Trump talk with Russians 'wholly appropriate,' adviser says
Although top aides on Monday had declared reports about Trump's discussions false, National Security Adviser H.R. The U.S. and Western officials spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive information.

Conservative critics have anxious Moon's rise to power might cause a friction with Trump, who wants to increase pressure on North Korea with the help of China, the North's largest trading partner and aid benefactor.

Moon also received similar congratulatory calls from Japanese and Indian leaders on Thursday.

Putin made the comment after Moon said the foremost task to boost cooperation between the two countries was to strengthen strategic bilateral communication to find a solution to curb North Korea's nuclear threat, the Blue House said in a statement. China denies it has done anything to hurt South Korean businesses.

President Donald Trump is extending an invitation to the new president of South Korea.

The aide explained that the decision is in line with President Moon's belief that history education must not be used for political reasons, and that the idea of issuing state-authored history textbooks is a symbol of divisive education.

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