Instagram apes Snapchat yet again with face filters

Image Instagram

Image Instagram

In today's update, eight new "face filters" are available, as part of the new 10.21 update to Instagram on Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store. Starting on Tuesday, Instagram will introduce eight different filters to their Instagram Stories.

Once you select a filter, you can tap the face icon once more to collapse the menu and use the filter with other camera modes, like Boomerang or hands-free video.

Facebook has been amping up its camera tool to take on Snapchat's features such as disappearing messages and face-tracking filters, which are hugely popular among its teenaged and millennial users.

Instagram just copied the last iconic Snapchat feature, introducing "face filters" that allow users to spice up their selfies with augmented reality elements. Instagram has just released a bunch of new features, including the new Instagram face filters! Between Snapchat and Instagram, which platform do you prefer - or neither? Cool, I guess. If you're looking to add some additional context to your Instagram Stories, hashtag stickers are now a thing.

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Lastly, you'll see a new eraser brush when using drawing tools. There's "Rewind", a new video setting that allows you to record and share videos in reverse (Snapchat also has this feature, for those still keeping track).

You can add a hashtag to a story with text, or the new hashtag stick. These filters additionally work with Instagram's Boomerang app, and all can be sent through Instagram's direct messaging. In fact, Instagram's CEO even admitted it previous year. Without a compelling reason for new users to pick the original Snapchat Stories over the Instagram Stories clone. There are also new hashtag stickers that you can customize with whatever subject matter to need to include on your images and clips.

And finally, Instagram unveiled an eraser tool.

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