Phantom Dust re-release hits Xbox One, Windows

Phantom Dust re-release hits Xbox One, Windows

Phantom Dust re-release hits Xbox One, Windows

Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox games marketing, announced on Twitter that the all time favorite game would be available at no cost today.

The Xbox One has a major advantage over the PlayStation 4 in one crucial way: It's able to play a vast library of games from the Xbox 360.

Delivering on their promise of releasing Phantom Dust remaster before E3 2017, Microsoft has now officially announced the release date of the game. There's also been some much changes to the single player components of the game.

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The re-release comes nearly three years after Microsoft had announced a complete remake of the original title in conjunction with Darkside Game Studios, a company that had recently helped produce Sunset Overdrive. Since then, developer Darkside Studios has been shut down.

What do you think about Phantom Dust, Ranters? Not only will the remaster be launching on PC, but it will be doing so this week and it'll be free. The re-release of card battle RPG arena fighter will be free starting tomorrow on Xbox One and Windows 10 complete with progression syncing and roaming in-app purchases. The game will be free on both platforms.

As the original isn't exactly the best-known game in Microsoft's catalogue, you might not know what the premise is.

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