Central Texas Man sues woman for $17.31 movie ticket after bad date

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Central Texas Man sues woman for $17.31 movie ticket after bad date

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Vezmar made a decision to take legal action.

Court records confirm that she has not been served with a lawsuit, although it has been filed.

"I'm not a bad woman", she said.

Vezmar met the woman online.

(CNN) - A Texas man is demanding a refund from his date after she texted while they were at the movies in Austin.

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The lawsuit alleges the woman opened her phone to read and send text messages 10 to 20 times during the film. She added she hadn't been texting almost as much as Vezmar claims and that her friend was fighting with her boyfriend, so she wanted to help."I'm not a bad woman", she explained.

Worse, Vezmar says the woman left in her vehicle - in which she had driven Vezmar on the date - leaving him stranded at the theatre.

To his dismay, 15-minutes after the film started, Vezmar's date started texting on her handset. "Oh my God. This is insane", she said. "It wasn't like constant texting", the woman said.

In response the woman said she planned to take legal action against Brandon Vezmar for getting in touch with her little sister to get the money.

"This is insane", she said. When the American-Statesman reached out to the woman for comment, she simply said, "Oh my God".

Still, Vezmar believes it's the principle of it all that matters.

The woman maintained her innocence. But just like her refusal to stop texting during the movie, she declined. Flexibility on what happens when that piece of movie theater etiquette tends to be a personal thing and for one Texas man, it's the sort of thing he's suing over.

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