Intel Corporation's Core X-Series Processors Revealed

While a new Core-i9 chip built on the Skylake-X platform will likely be Intel's contender for the hot seat, AMD too is believed to be readying the new Whitehaven platform that might include Ryzen 9 range of chips. According to initial assessment and findings, this next generation of Intel Processors would be based on the LGA-2066 architecture. This could be the company's response after the highly affordable Ryzen processors started nearly breaking the market with its high performance and nearly unbeatable prices. However, one big problem for Intel and for the users could boil down to the premium pricing, especially when compared with what AMD has to offer, its price and its overall value.

At the end of the day, Intel's goal is quite simple: It wants to try to get consumers to buy a richer product mix to boost its processor average selling prices and ultimately increase revenues/profits in a challenging overall personal computer market. Also, i7-7700K will upgrade to i7-7740K, but none of the other CPUs will feature less than 6 cores.

Let's start from the bottom up. The seventh edition of Skylake processors, the Core i9, will definitely boost your PC's performance as they are packed with high-end parts to meet your computing needs.

AMD's recent move to launch the Ryzen 7, 5, and 3 chips is what acted as the trigger point. Unfortunately, its clock frequencies have not been leaked as of yet. Intel's Core i9-7800X and i9-7820X models could become available on June 2017 and might be priced around $1000 in the United States. Some leaks say they could go up to 160W, which is a bit worrisome without some serious cooling mechanism. The cache capacity of the chip is 16.5MB, which might seem small on paper but Intel has made it much more efficient. Its clock starts ticking at 4.3 GHz and it stops at 4.5 GHz after overclock.

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Moving down the line, there's the Core i9-7900X, which has 10 cores (20 threads), 13.75MB of L3 cache and 44 PCIe lanes.

Intel's upcoming Core i9-7920X will reportedly feature 12C/24T with somewhere around 4GHz boost CPU clocks, with 16.5MB of L3 cache, 44 PCIe lanes, and 140W TDP.

Later this month, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is expected to launch a new family of processors that leaked materials referred to as its Core X lineup.

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