Oklahoma Senate OKs $510 million in tax revenue

NECNCommonwealth of Massachusetts Capitol

NECNCommonwealth of Massachusetts Capitol

Sen. Patricia Jehlen, the assistant vice chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, said the Senate budget proposal demonstrates a lack of sufficient resources and "shows we have a revenue problem and not a spending problem".

"We would prefer a EMAC type of model because we don't really need to go back to all the red tape and requirements that were costly to business and the state that occurred with the employer assessment under Romneycare", Hurst said.

But union leaders have said workers, who granted concessions in 2009 and in 2011, are disappointed that the governor and legislature are not seeking to raise taxes on Connecticut's wealthiest households and major corporations.

"I'm trying to get people to focus on the policy and not just on the bottom line" of the budget deficit, she added.

Fasano said he was disappointed that legislative leaders failed to abide by a previous agreement to share each other's revised budget proposals before going public.

Gov. Jim Justice has also introduced a bill to increase the sales tax on motor vehicle purchases from 5 to 6 percent to fill a budget gap in the 2018 fiscal year that's some $450 million wide.

"I believe we're making progress", McCall told reporters.

"By the end of June we'll have a balanced budget on the governor's desk", Spilka pledged.

Even though Republicans control the majority in the House and Senate, they need Democratic votes to pass any tax or fee increases and Democrats say they are not on board, nearly ensuring a special session to hammer out a budget deal.

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The losers, he said, were everyday Oklahomans. While it had a majority of House votes, it never came close to the supermajority needed to pass without a confirmation vote by the people. Dice games and roulette were to be included as well.

"I would rather have drill bits and pipe rather than marbles and dice", Schulz said following the vote. There are 72 Republican House members and 26 Democrats with three vacancies, meaning House Democrats must support the bill for it to move forward.

The measure would rescind tax breaks for the wind and oil industries, contributing to the projected income.

The panel calls for extending the state's lodging tax to include Airbnb and other short-term rentals, a move the committee said would bring in $18 million a year. But the Oklahoma Tax Commission estimates the increase would raise just $20 million in additional revenue next year.

Instead, GOP leaders and many oil and gas organizations, including the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association, support passage of legislation that allows long-lateral drilling in all geologic formations including two productive areas in south central Oklahoma known as SCOOP and STACK.

"It's anyone's guess", said Senate GOP Floor Leader Greg Treat of Oklahoma City.

The House stopped to swear in Zack Taylor, a new representative elected in special session.

The Republican budget estimates that about 93 percent of the $133 million paid out now under the state program would be retained by the state. All you want to do is tread water. "Do you want to have sufficient officers in our correctional facilities?" the governor said.

And next year is an election year, she said.

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