The romper for men is here

Why everyone is suddenly talking about male rompers

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Many people thought by 2017 we'd have flying cars or time travel.

Men could be sporting a new style this summer that will likely turn a few heads. The piece looks like a dress, but the bottom forms into shorts. As a Nigerian man, would you rock a romper (that comes with no hinderance with zipper)?

Another major factor that many people seem to be focusing on is that it is hard for women to use the bathroom in rompers, so why put men through the same torture? Um...

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This group of friends from Chicago started a crowd funding page on kickstarter hoping to raise $10,000 to fund the design and production of the male romper (known as a "romphim"). Put them on, and go to that business meeting!

The male romper, or RompHim, is designed for all shapes and sizes. There's also a front shirt pocket, a zippered back pocket and adjustable waist tabs - you know, to accentuate that shapely figure. As of Thursday, ACED Design had raised almost $180,000 in support of the RompHim. "Something was missing." Thus, the RompHim was born; the product will officially begin shipping out this July, priced at $119 a pop. A single romper will cost you around $90.

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