Chinese state media says US should take some blame for cyber attack

China Daily said the US had hindered efforts to stop global cyber threats after the WannaCry attack.

The devastation was so serious it can seem in the plans of these hackers, as there are hundreds of computer systems were attacked and it got infected by ransomware cyber-attack.

"Concerted efforts to tackle cyber crimes have been hindered by the actions of the United States", it said, adding that Washington had "no credible evidence" to support bans on Chinese tech firms in the United States following the attack. At least 30,000 Chinese computers were affected after the hack on Saturday.

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The malware attack, which began on Friday and has been linked by some researchers to previous hits by a North Korean-run hacking operation, leveraged a tool built by the NSA that leaked online in April, Microsoft says.

China is preparing to enforce a security law that USA businesses believe will keep foreign companies out of the country because of its plan to enforce strict local data laws and surveillance requirements. In the past, Beijing has criticized the amount of fake news on American news sites, which it claims is only one more reason to clamp down on cyber security. The People's Daily said China has called for enhanced cyber security and a rules-based order in cyber space.

WannaCry ransomware had spread using a loophole in Microsoft windows operating systems that were initially found by the U.S. national security agency (NSA), which according to reports was using it in order to find a way to hack networks of terrorist groups, and was leaked by Shadow Brokers, which said that it had found the tools in agency's servers which the group had breached earlier.

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