English soccer introduces retrospective bans for simulation

Today, May 18, 2017 - a date which will live in history - the Football Association voted, in unison, to introduce retrospective two-match bans for players found guilty of diving or feigning injury, an offense which heretofore was a shameful stain upon our beloved game.

If the offending player is found guilty, he will be handed a two-match suspension, while the Independent Regulatory Commission also has the power to rescind cards that have been handed out to opposing players due to the simulation.

That's if all three people on the panel agree.

Hearts winger Jamie Walker has experienced both verdicts this season, having served a two-game ban for a dive to gain a penalty against Celtic in August and then been retrospectively cleared of simulation during a game against Rangers in December.

THE FA have confirmed they WILL ban players for diving as of next season. If it's a foul in the 6th minute 70 yards away from goal that didn't result in a yellow card and it was a dive, ban the player for a couple matches.

Championed by FA chairman Greg Clarke, the reforms will be the most significant changes to the governing body's decision-making structures in decades.

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Starsport understands the FA consulted a host of managers about introducing the new laws.

This will enable the FA to continue to receive public funding for grassroots projects and bidding for events, as well as answering critics who doubted its ability to modernise itself. This is potentially a very positive move by the FA.

Under the new rules passed yesterday, a panel will now sift through footage from the weekend games looking at cases of simulation. It's because they wouldn't get a call if they stayed standing.

"This is a good start but we don't just want to be compliant with Sport England's code for sports governance, we want to go beyond that".

All council members will have to be active members of the organisations they are elected or nominated to represent, ending the creation of senior vice-presidents and life vice-presidents, who will also lose voting rights.

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