Fidget spinner safety: Doctor warns parents to monitor their child's usage

7-year-old solves Rubik's Cube with one hand in just 27 Seconds

7-year-old solves Rubik's Cube with one hand in just 27 Seconds 00:33

Say goodbye to yoyos and Pokemon cards, fidget spinners are latest craze taking Australia by storm.

The device is basic, hold it, flick it and watch it spin. Don't forget to take the battery out first, unless you want your fidget spinner to explode. Andrew Hartgill restores antiques for a living; his son asked him to make a fidget spinner and now he just can't get enough of them.

Some teachers and principals are banning fidget spinners because they're a distraction in class.

They have become such a wide spread distraction, some schools have even banned them from school grounds.

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"It was no longer something just to help them to focus but it was how long can we keep it spinning, can we stick it on our nose, how long will it stay on my forehead, etc.", Allegheny Intermediate Unit program director Roseanne Javorsky said. Its purported inventor, Catherine Hettinger, came up with the idea as a device to distract young children from mischievous behavior by providing them with a soothing toy to play with.

In the meantime, the Toy Association said not all fidget spinners are created equal, and that the safety of products sold outside a reputable retailer can not be verified. The district also released a statement that read, "We do not have policy regarding fidgets and they have not been an issue".

First designed for students with Attention Deficit Disorder to focus more in school, it seems like every middle schooler has one.

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