Google poised to roll out arsenal of services, gadgets

It will first be available as part of Google's voice-controlled digital assistant - which bears the straightforward name "Google Assistant" - and Photos app.

Android Go will also highlight apps that use less data, storage and memory on the top of the Google Play Store.

The Google I/O Conference runs from May 17 to May 19.

Pichai has made AI the foundation of his strategy since becoming Google's CEO in late 2015, emphasising technology is rapidly evolving-to an "AI-first" world.

"Humans are interacting with computing in more natural and immersive ways", he said. There may also be the outside chance that Google could try to challenge HTC, Oculus, and PlayStation by announcing its own entry high-end VR headset. Google has published a new page called "Building for Billions" that will aid developers in optimising their apps for lower-end phones with smaller, lower-resolutions screens and poor data connections. This while people using its dominant internet search engine and leading email service have been feeding the machines valuable pieces of personal information for almost 20 years. The device tracking software has hardly witnessed any new updates in the past few years, the last one being in 2015.

Australian conservative government to raise taxes on five biggest banks
A 2 percent so-called Temporary Budget Repair Levy paid on incomes exceeding AU$180,000 ($133,000) over three years ends in July. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) would be watching the banks "very, very carefully indeed", he said.

Despite releasing its voice-activated speaker almost two years after its rival the Amazon Echo, Google slowing bridging the gap with the announcement of a host of new features for its Home device.

"And with more than 50 billion apps scanned every day, Google's machine learning systems are always on the lookout for new risks", the company said.

Exhausted of Siri? Well, you can now get the "chatty" Google Assistant installed on your iPhone. Lens uses AI to identify images viewed through a phone. Or point the camera at the exterior of a restaurant and it will pull up reviews of the place. For example, if you point the camera to a particular dish on a menu, then Google Assistant will come back with the picture of the dish from the internet.

PHOTO SHARING: Google says new tools will encourage sharing of photos that you might have meant to share, but maybe forgot. The new Suggested Sharing feature will use facial recognition to recommend which photos to send to which friends (it'll learn those faces over time based on previous sharing activity), and even offering the option to automatically share your full library, or photos of specific people or taken during a specific time period, with others via "Partner Accounts".

Google used the conference to announce a software kit that will let developers build Assistant capabilities into robots, applications, and other computerized creations. This year's Google I/O brings a whole new Android O which is unleashed with its Beta version is now officially available to download with its developer's preview.

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