Group linked to NSA spy leaks threatens sale of new tech secrets

The WannaCry ransomware attack had exploited a vulnerability in Windows OS called EternalBlue, for which Microsoft had sent a patch in March.

"In June, TheShadowBrokers is announcing "TheShadowBrokers Data Dump of the Month" service", the group wrote in its open letter on the Steemit website Tuesday.

"Is being like wine of month club", said the blog post, which is written in broken English. The group is also promising that June will be the data dump month.

It claimed that regular dumps could include tools for hacking mobile phones and computers on Microsoft's latest Windows 10 operating system, as well as network data from banking systems and Russian, Chinese, Iranian and North Korean nuclear programmes. But now, the monthly subscription model might mean the bugs will find their way into the hands of more people, said Hall. The post indicated those who are willing can pay a monthly membership fee and how members will use the data they purchase would be up to them. "What members doing with data after is up to members".

Hacking group the Shadow Brokers was the key link in last week's WannaCrypt chaos, having released the NSA's hacking tools which allowed the malware to be weaponized so well.

The Shadow Brokers originally tried selling off the stolen tools in an auction, but backed down after receiving no bidders. It said it was "taking pride in picking adversary equal to or better than selves, a worthy opponent" and that it was "always being about theshadowbrokers vs theequationgroup [a sophisticated hacking team believed to be operated by the NSA ]".

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This EternalBlue vulnerability was actually first discovered by the USA security agency NSA, but the agency's hacking arsenal was stolen by the Shadow Brokers, and now the hacker group responsible for this theft has written a blogpost.

In a blog post, the Shadow Brokers blamed the United States government and technology companies for the global ransomware attack on Friday, saying that... It renewed debate over how and when intelligence agencies must disclose vulnerabilities used in cyber spying programs.

Although experts say the Shadow Brokers do not appear to have been directly involved in the WannaCry crisis, leaking the exploit in the first place was a major step toward facilitating the attack.

The NSA has not commented on Shadow Brokers since the group emerged a year ago, or the contents of past leaks.

Marcy Wheeler, a longtime independent researcher, said in a blog post of her own Tuesday that the Shadow Brokers' post "brings the hammer" down both on Microsoft, whose products could be affected by any further leaks, and the National Security Agency, whose information the Shadow Brokers leaked in April. The US government has not commented directly on the matter.

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