Harden, James top All-NBA team; George, Hayward shut out

Image courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Image courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Forwards finishing ahead of George in the all-NBA balloting were: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Giannis Antentokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Jimmy Butler. Thus, it could potentially determine how players make decisions about their careers.

However, he has a player option to become a free agent in 2018, and Windhorst pointed out his failure to make an All-NBA team this season hurt Indiana's bargaining power. In the section listed "Other players receiving votes" are Indiana's Paul George and Utah's Gordon Hayward, each players whose summers will be directly altered by not making any of the three teams.

Now, though, the options for both become much more robust, and the fears of them leaving for both IN and Utah increase dramatically.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Paul George rumors are flying, and they rose to another level after his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. If he makes it clear that he has no intentions of remaining in IN, then Pritchard can begin to work on a possible trade with various teams ahead of the June 22 National Basketball Association draft where the team could receive valuable assets in possible draft picks in any potential deal.

It makes sense on the surface for IN to pass on trade offers for George.

George still could become eligible for the roughly $70 million pay raise if he earns MVP or Defensive Player of the Year-both highly unlikely.

A superstar player could make upwards of $207 million on a five-year deal if they stay with their original team, but if they signed with another team, they would only be able to max out at around $133 million on a four-year deal.

Kevin Long relishing rewards at Burnley and Ireland
Ireland now occupy second position in Group D on 11 points, level with table-toppers Serbia while sitting four ahead of Austria. I was just trying to concentrate on my club career and playing more games and then maybe something could happen in the future.

Basically, the news is real bad for the Pacers and worse for the Jazz.

George has said he wants to play for a team capable of winning a championship.

A trade for George obviously would require Los Angeles to relinquish a helping of its assets, which Wojnarowski believes would be counter-productive to the long-term plan.

The Lakers struck gold at Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery, as they won the No. 2 overall pick in June's draft.

That's a lot of power to place in the hands of the media. Included, a mother who has had her drivers license suspended 19 times over the last two years.

The Pacers still can offer a five-year, $179 million deal. Davis played more than half his minutes at center this season, many before Cousins arrived. Hopefully they take that into account, especially closing this year out, get us in the playoffs.

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