Immigration agency detains man whose prison term was cut

Lima-Marin was mistakenly released on parole in 2008.

ICE confirmed their detainer, forcing corrections staffers to turn over Lima-Marin over.

On Tuesday, Judge Carlos A. Samour ordered that Rene Lima-Marin be released from the Colorado Department of Corrections.

During almost six years of freedom, Rene Lima-Marin married, became a father, became active in his church and secured a job installing glass windows in skyscrapers.

Lima-Marin was convicted of armed robbery in 2000, mistakenly released in 2008 and then ordered back to prison in 2014.

Lima-Marin was "ordered removed" by a federal immigration judge in Denver on November 1, 2000, ICE said in a statement to the Post. Due to a clerical error, the eight different sentences were listed as consecutive instead of concurrent, giving them each a total sentence of 98 years in prison.

Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents arrested 38-year-old Rene Lima-Marin after his release from prison Wednesday.

It's not clear whether Lima-Marin, who was ordered deported while in prison, will be returned there since Cuba would still need to agree with the US government on him being included on a list of people to be deported. His absence from prison wasn't noticed until 2014 when a former prosecutor searched for his name on the DOC's inmate locator website. Instead, she says, he was granted refugee status by the government.

Lima-Marin was brought to the United States from Cuba when he was a toddler.

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"This would be a travesty of justice if Mr. Lima was picked up and detained by ICE the day he's supposed to be released and reunited with his family after a full and fair litigation and hearing by the Arapahoe district court judge", Meyer said.

Lima-Marin came to the US from Cuba when he was 1 year old, according to Jasmine. USA officials said in January the repeal of the policy dealt more with cases going forward, and acknowledged Cuba would continue to review case by case when the US government sought deportations.

Jasmine and their two children bought balloons and hung banners in anticipation of the family's reunion, but Lima-Marin never showed up.

The Colorado Legislature approved a nonbinding resolution earlier this month urging Gov. John Hickenlooper to grant Lima-Marin clemency. But in 2014, authorities returned the Cuban-American father to prison.

Just as he was expected to get his freedom back, Lima-Marin was taken into custody by ICE.

"You have to question the motives of ICE", Salazar told The Independent.

An attorney met with Lima-Marin and, based on the content of the paperwork, told him that his sentence had been reduced to 16 years.

Lima-Marin was brought to the USA when he was two years old by his parents, who fled from Cuba during the 1980 Mariel boatlift, according to the Denver Post.

The judge's decision was met with excitement by Lima-Marin's family. He never applied for citizenship but USA relations with Cuba allowed him to stay. " Diego said she is in the process of getting him an immigration attorney. The family has shown wonderful strength and we hope this is a temporary stop on his way to being reunited with his family", he said.

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