Union boss Len McCluskey: Labour can't win the election

Scottish voters will still overwhelmingly support the SNP at the next election

Scottish voters will still overwhelmingly support the SNP at the next election

"I see leadership as not dictating but leadership is also about listening".

Britain's main Opposition party included the pledge as part of a section on Brexit in its 128-page electoral manifesto, which was published yesterday.

Such changes are among the measures to boost the state coffers by the £48.6 billion needed to meet the commitments outlined in the Labour manifesto.

But the language in the final document went further.

While many of Labour's policies are popular - among them, renationalizing some rail, energy and utility companies - the party faces hard questions about how it plans to fulfill its pledges without large increases in taxes and government borrowing.

On Westminster voting intention, the Tory lead is still substantial, at 15 points, but they remain stable at 49 per cent vote share, whilst Labour has grown from 26 per cent to 34 per cent, in the Ipsos MORI polling for the Evening Standard.

He blamed what he described as media bias against Corbyn, a veteran left-winger who after decades on the rebellious fringe of the party unexpectedly became Labour leader in 2015 on a wave of enthusiasm from grassroots party members.

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There is a £58 billion black hole in Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto - and it will be paid for by every single family in the country with higher taxes and more debt.

Winning 200 seats would be Labour's worst result since 1935. However, let's be clear - what we will be putting over is the type of leader Jeremy will be, and people will respect him, I think.

Hundreds turned out to see the Labour Party leader set out his political stall in Swinnow - the day his party released its general election manifesto. McCluskey's initial prediction of 200 seats for Labour would suggest a Tory majority in the Commons of about 80.

Polls show Labour is more trusted by voters on the NHS, education and housing, while the Conservatives do better concerning the economy, immigration, law and tax.

The Prime Minister said during the last Prime Minister's Question Time, "this is the end of the debate, we're now going into the election campaign". He's got now just under four weeks to try to see if you can break through that image and it's going to be a very, very hard task.

Income tax will not, Messrs Corbyn and McDonnell promise, rise for 95% of taxpayers. "So I believe in these next few weeks, we can do it".

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