Vote kicks off battle over regulation of internet

Federal Communication Commission Commissioner Ajit Pai speaks during an open hearing and vote on

Vote kicks off battle over regulation of internet

Eliminating the Internet conduct standard is therefore expected to promote innovation and network investment by eliminating regulatory uncertainty.

The three commissioners voted two to one along party lines.

The controversial vote is the first step in a lengthy process that could drag on well into the fall.

"We propose to repeal utility-style regulation", Pai said Thursday.

Experts say the changes would most affect everyone who uses the internet, but small businesses would be hit the hardest.

The 2015 ruling gave the FCC clear authority to regulate ISPs and force them to comply with net neutrality guidelines. The existing regulations make it illegal for Verizon to speed up its own streaming video site while slowing down competitors like Netflix, for example.

Pretty much everyone says they are in favor of net neutrality-the idea that service providers shouldn't engage in data discrimination, but should instead remain neutral in how they treat the content that flows over their networks. The FCC moved to classify ISPs under Title II after a previous set of net neutrality rules was struck down in court. Chairman Ajit Paisaid that any resulting order will be made public before the vote. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.). "This action will undermine the free and open Internet and hand its control over to a few powerful corporate interests".

Backing Clyburn after the vote were a number of net neutrality advocates, including National Hispanic Media Coalition and Gigi Sohn, who served as Counselor to former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler from 2013 to 2016.

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Pai revealed his proposal in late April. The Internet Association, a trade group representing bigger companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon, has also condemned the plan.

The public has 90 days to comment on the proposal.

The formal adoption of the proposal is an invitation for all sides to keep sending in comments.

The regulator has claimed it was attacked by hackers but has yet to release any evidence supporting that claim.

Before discussing this matter any further, it is important to understand what net neutrality really is because plenty of people, including the president of the United States, have displayed a lack of understanding regarding this term. But both Pai and Hill Republicans are unified in their opposition to Title II, and some Dems have signaled the well has been poisoned for compromise given the general tenor of the times on the Hill.

The initial vote comes before the FCC is fully staffed with five commissioners. On top of that, the usually five-member body now only has three, and the empty seats will likely be unfilled for a while (the Trump admin is kinda busy).

"We think it's worth fighting for", Beckerman said. This was a serious mistake that threatens innovation and investment in this important segment of the US economy.

"As in any FCC rule-making what matters most is the quality of the comments, not the quantity", Pai said. Support for the rules has broad, bipartisan support, and if Pai and friends want to kill them, they're going to have to fight tooth and nail against the will of the public, the courts, and common sense to do it.

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