Why Liam Payne Doesn't Love Harry Styles' New Single

Liam Payne

Why Liam Payne Doesn't Love Harry Styles' New Single

With that said, everyone is working on their own projects now and it shouldn't come as a shock for the group to distance themselves from anything related to One Direction. My boy Liam from One Direction. And it's never been more clear where their musical tastes lie than now when they're all releasing solo work. "And Niall's gone down the singer-songwriter-y route which is really cool".

But Harry's track wasn't quite music to Liam's ears. "Harry's song, I heard".

"I heard the rest of the boys" debut songs", Payne told Music Choice.

Overall, "Harry Styles" will impress listeners who are expecting an album different to what One Direction has released.

He continued: "I think he did a great job of doing what he wanted to do".

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"That was the best way" for him to put it, according to Payne.

And for the record: no shade, "kay?"

As well as cheeky lyrics such as: 'When I walk inside the party (girls on me),' and 'Girl yeah you're bad for my health', there's one particular line which has got a lot of people talking as it reads: 'You know that I used to be in 1d, (now I'm out free)'.

As opposed to the hip hop stylings of Niall, whose song you just called great? Ha! "And I think the amusing thing is, [Harry] would say the same thing about me because he doesn't really listen to hip-hop music, where it's like my song's more [like Tyga " s] "Rack City, '" Payne said of his urban-inspired sound. He has worked with so many different producers and artists. And he just proved you don't have to love the same music to be friends!

Liam's always been able to address awkward questions diplomatically.

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