California woman hospitalized with botulism after eating cheese sauce from gas station

Lavinia Kelly remains on a ventilator in intensive care in Sacramento after being sickened at an area gas station

Lavinia Kelly remains on a ventilator in intensive care in Sacramento after being sickened at an area gas station

So far, preliminary data seems to be pointing to the nacho cheese sold at the gas station in Walnut Grove that is the likely source of the botulism.

The Sacramento, California, mother contracted botulism - a severe and potentially fatal form of food poisoning - after a stop at a northern California gas station. People can contract the serious illness through home-canned foods, improperly commercially canned foods, cheese sauce, and foods held in warmers for extended periods of time, according to All five people have been hospitalized according to a statement released by the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services.

The bacteria from botulism can cause paralysis, and even death.

Lavinia Kelly went from being a busy, happy mother of three to a partially paralyzed hospital patient after putting nacho cheese on her Doritos at a gas station, family members say. Kelly's partner, Ricky Torres, tells the Daily Mail that Kelly was driving home from work on April 21 when she stopped at the station and chose to pour the cheese sauce over a bag of Doritos. Kelly became sick with a few hours after eating the nacho cheese sauce she bought at the Walnut Grove convenience store on April 21.

Since then, she has been hospitalized and spent her 33rd birthday on Wednesday in intensive care being treated for botulism, a rare paralytic illness.

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The county revoked the gas station's permit to sell food and drinks on May 5 and is urging anyone who may have eaten at the there between April 23 and May 5 to see a doctor immediately.

Kelly's family filed a civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of California on Tuesday, according to Food Safety News.

Inspection reports for the Valley Oaks Food and Fuel station show that on May 6 and 7, officers impounded bags of Montecito nacho cheese tortilla chips and closed the facility. They're handling that stuff every day. He told the newspaper that most cases of botulism are associated with home canning.

"They're acquiring a lot of medical bills", Clark said.

"The source of the food product may be unrelated to the gas station", he added. The U.S. saw 161 confirmed cases of botulism in 2014, only 15 of which were food-borne, according to the most recent report on botulism from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's an essential question'. Employees of the gas station refused to comment on the food poisoning problems.

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