'Star Trek: Discovery': Watch the First Full Trailer to the New Series

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 20

'Star Trek: Discovery': Watch the First Full Trailer to the New Series

The trailer focused on Martin-Green's journey to having her own command - though she's finding it hard to find her way to the front as Star Fleet is attacked by Klingons and new threats. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: "Discovery", reads the synopsis. Additionally, there will now be 15 episodes, rather than 13.

"Star Trek: Discovery" is expected to feature an wonderful world just waiting to be discovered. We were looking forward to the trailer of the first season of Star Trek, it is now done!

The trailer reveals that in addition to the human officers of the Discovery, Klingons and Vulcans will take on fairly prominent roles in the new series.

It's hard to imagine that the Discovery, the ship the series is supposedly named after, will look older.

Originally, the show was supposed to air in January, but there were a series of unfortunate events that set the creators of the show back.

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The likes of Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), Doug Jones (Lt. Saru) and Shazad Latin (Lt. Tyler) also star on the much-talked about series. Most notably, the series co-creator and main character, Bryan Fuller, stepped down due to his heavy workload that includes engagement in other projects. If you were a fan of Star Trek, be aware that Star Trek: Discovery has nothing to do.

How many Star Trek: Discovery episodes will there be?

Star Trek die-hards may worry about timeline continuity (something that all true Trekkies wring their hands about frequently, and that JJ Abrams conveniently sidestepped with the whole Kelvin timeline in his feature films). Money doesn't even really exist anymore in the Star Trek universe, let alone racism or sexism.

Red Storm Entertainment, better known for their Tom Clancy games, will release Star Trek: Bridge Crew later this month.

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