Google Brings In New Recents Menu UI In Android Go

Woorld, hailed for providing the "Best AR Experience", is even less popular with the masses, despite not costing a penny, and hunger-fighting charity app ShareTheMeal, which ruled the Social Impact section of the Google Play Awards, hasn't exactly set the world on fire either... just yet. The project is called Android O, and it will take form with the upcoming Android O OS from Google.

"The Assistant is already available on more than 100 million devices and starting today, we're bringing the Google Assistant to iPhones", Google announced on its official blog.

We have audio explaining these new developments directly from Wednesday's Google I/O keynote, featuring Google CEO Sundar Pichai, along with Scott Huffman and Rishi Chandra.

Another difference is that for Android One, Google asked phone makers to abide by some rules.

In addition to optimizing Android O for lower-end devices, Google is also tweaking other apps such as YouTube, Google Play, Chrome, and Gboard to use less memory, storage space, and mobile data, Burke said.

In a blog post, Google confirmed that it would soon allow USA users to send or receive payments directly using Google Assistant. Although, it is expected that Android Go phones could come some time after final release of the Android O, which is expected to be around October when Google launches new Pixel phones.

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The search giant also announced a new Google Payment API that supports both verified credit or debit cards linked to a Google account - which will enable faster payments in apps and online, as it requires only a security code or authentication with an Android device.

Google already uses the sensors of your phone for that very objective, said Hafsteinsson. It includes the new Google Jobs API, which the company released last November. There's also an "Explore" button for you to get tips for using Google's AI.

When Android O rolls out to the public later this year, it will add a bunch of great new features to compatible smartphones (of course, most Android users won't have access to them since their phones won't be updated for months, but that's a different story).

The next version of Android, available to the mass market later this year, aims to gauge and control how much battery life your apps are using.

Similarly, by putting the camera in front of the sticker on a WiFi router an Android device user could automatically connect to the network without the need to manually enter the network password.

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