Today on the campaign trail: Theresa May backs Cornwall in scone debate

In the full post May went on to describe Labour's manifesto as one with "fantastical promises and utopian vision", and one that would "undo all the progress we have made".

"That way we can make sure that young people can get homes and pensioners can heat their houses in winter".

Mr Corbyn is demanding that the "anti-pensioner package" is immediately dropped as Labour tries to woo the so-called "grey vote".

American actor Danny DeVito has ventured into worldwide politics by telling his 4 million Twitter followers to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K.'s June 8 general election.

Asset manager Jeremy Hosking, who helped fund the "leave" campaign ahead of last year's referendum, has said he will offer 5,000 pounds each to Conservative candidates in Brexit-voting seats with incumbent opposition lawmakers who supported remaining in the EU.

Theresa May is trying to "pitch the young against the old" by planning to scrap the pension triple lock and universal winter fuel allowance, Jeremy Corbyn is warning.

Among the supporters was red-cowboy hat wearing fan Joseph Afrane from Battersea who is travelling the country with the Jeremy Corbyn campaign.

But he said: "The polls are changing".

On Thursday May launched pledges for the government to adopt a more interventionist stance in an attempt to attract traditional Labour supporters.

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"Society should not be setting the future of our young against security for the old".

Scottish First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Liberal Democrat chief Tim Farron, Ukip's Paul Nuttall, Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood and Green co-leader Caroline Lucas showed up for the prime time debate.

After becoming Labour leader in 2015, Mr Corbyn defended reaching out to republicans at the height of the Troubles - including inviting IRA terrorists to the Commons - insisting he "wanted the violence to stop".

"If anyone is thinking about lodging a protest vote because of Jeremy Corbyn's scare campaign, here's the thing that's genuinely terrifying: if Theresa May loses just six seats then we will have a hung Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn as our prime minister, in charge of Brexit and propped up by the Lib Dems and SNP".

Mr McDonnell also told the BBC it was not true that Mr Corbyn was unpopular with the electorate, given how popular his policies were.

A Labour source estimated there were up to 5,000 people in attendance and the leader said it showed the party can "upset the powerful" on polling day.

The ORB survey conducted for the Telegraph asked voters over the past week whether "Labour should formerly split and a group should breakaway and form a new party if it does not win power at this election".

"Let me explain why I think is absolutely sick and sneaky".

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