7% of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows

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A survey report has revealed that seven per cent Americans - about 16 million people - believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows!

If you think it's common knowledge that chocolate milk doesn't come from cows, think again.

The astonishing figures were released by the Innovation Center of US Dairy, who surveyed 1,000 Americans over the age of 18.

The survey found 7 percent of American adults thought chocolate milk came from brown cows and 48 percent admitted to no being sure of where it came from. They don't know where food is grown, how it gets to stores - or even, in the case of chocolate milk, what's in it.

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Extrapolated out to the population of the U.S. People who live in agricultural areas, as well as people with higher incomes and education levels, tend to know more about the source of food, according to the Washington Post. The educational system doesn't spend much time teaching children where food comes from, and industrialization has created a psychological distance between agriculture and food on the dinner table. Adults also act like kids when milk is involved because 37 percent of respondents confessed that they drank straight from the container when nobody is looking.

People continue to enjoy a love affiar with cheese - 95% of survey respondents have some type of cheese in their fridge. They've been complaining for decades that Americans are woefully ignorant about what they eat.

"To be fair, some milk questions and myths may make us smile", the center wrote on its website to clarify the age-old cow conundrum.

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