Saudi says it does not need Turkish military base



On Friday, Erdogan approved legislation allowing the deployment of Turkish troops to Qatar amid the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Doha and other Arab states and said he had not witnessed Doha backing terrorism.

An Iranian fisherman was shot and killed on Saturday by the Saudi coastguard, which accused him of entering Saudi waters, Iran's interior ministry said, fuelling tensions between the regional rivals.

"Two Iranian boats that were fishing in the waters of the Persian Gulf were pushed off their course by waves".

"Even if the boats had entered Saudi waters, the coastguard were not authorised to open fire", Aghababaie added.

"We are pursuing this matter to determine if the Iranian boat had crossed the Saudi border or not", Aghababai said, accusing the Saudis of failing to "comply with humanitarian and navigational principles".

Iran's official IRNA news agency later quoted Aghababaie as saying one of the boats was missing.

Death toll of 12 expected to rise in London tower block fire
Aluminum composite panels essentially consist of two thin layers of aluminum sandwiched around a lightweight insulating material. As a nation, we continue to reflect and pray for all those who have been directly affected by these events", read the statement.

"We wish for the crisis to be resolved quicker than other crises", he said.

While strongly backing its ally Qatar, Turkey has stopped short of directly criticising Saudi Arabia's actions and called on Riyadh to take a lead role in solving the crisis.

Iran and Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties in 2016, and twin Islamic State-claimed attacks on Iran's parliament and the tomb of its revolutionary leader last week flared tensions between the two nations to a new high. Saudi Arabia said today a Turkish military base similar to that built in neighbouring Qatar would not be welcome in the kingdom, insisting it is "not needed".

Simmering tensions between the US partners boiled over this month when Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, along with Egypt, severed ties with Qatar over its alleged support for extremism and imposed economic restrictions on it.

Relations between the two countries are at their worst in years.

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