Spotify reaches 140 million users



At least 50 million are paying subscribers and forego the above inconveniences. The company is pitching its increased user base to advertisers and providing them with enhanced audience insights so that they can effectively target its 140 million-strong money while generating revenue for Spotify in the process.

The 140m milestone comes nearly exactly a year after Spotify reached 100 million active users.

The company did not say how many of its users were paid subscribers, although in March it revealed that the number had reached 50 million.

According to Music Business Worldwide, this number represents a 40 million user climb since this time a year ago, and 100 million user climb since May 2014. So in addition t a fixed amount that enables Spotify to host songs on its platform in the first place, it must also pay out some money every time someone streams a song.

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According to him, "we are just beginning to explore what these wonderful insights can do for brands".

"When you pair the emotional power of music, podcasts, and videos with engaging ad formats, the creative terrain is rife with possibility", Benedik said.

There is also evidence that Spotify may be planning to allow brands to sponsor individual tracks within its service.

Yet Spotify has struggled to make a profit and has pursued more favorable deals with its biggest partners-record labels and music publishers-ahead of a public offering. "But we don't have any more information to share right now".

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