'Steve Scalise Took A Bullet For All Of Us'

Congressman Steve Scalise has undergone another surgery as he recovered from Wednesday's shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

"He will certainly be in the hospital for a considerable period of time, presumably weeks", Dr. Jack Sava, the director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, told reporters. Scalise remains in critical condition, though doctors said Friday his vital signs have stabilized.

Scalise is being treated in the hospital's intensive care unit.

"He is more responsive, and is speaking with his loved ones". Scalise will undergo more operations. Sava said Scalise "clearly knows" his family is there and "appreciates" their presence. He added that Scalise "will be able to walk and, hopefully, run".

Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, was shot dead by Capitol Police after he opened fire on congressmen Wednesday in Alexandria, Va.

The gunman, identified by officials as James Hodgkinson, died after the shootout.

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The surgeon said there were hundreds of bullet fragments in Mr Scalise's body, but "we have no intention to try and remove all the bullet fragments at this point".

Jennifer Scalise also is thanking the first responders who rushed to her husband's aid Wednesday and the staff at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, where her husband remains in critical condition.

Now, doctors are "encouraged in the improvement in his condition in the last 36 hours", Sava said. It happened while Republican congressmen were practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. The list included Representatives Mo Brooks and Jeff Duncan, who were at the practice, and Representative Trent Franks, who was not, CBS said.

"I feel a lot more confident and a lot more optimistic than I did two, three days ago", Sava said.

President Donald Trump has called for unity in the wake of the horrific shooting incident in which a top Republican leader, Steve Scalise, was injured, saying that despite differences the devotion to the country brings the people together. "His risk of death right now is substantially lower than when he came in". Congressional aide Zack Barth, Tysons Food lobbyist Matt Mika and Capitol Police Officer David Bailey were also shot in the attack, but have since been released from the hospital.

Sava said he told Scalise's family that "I am not declaring victory until he's playing ball in his back yard with his family".

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