Election a disaster for PM May: Sturgeon

The prospect of a second Scottish Independence referendum has been called into question as the United Kingdom election results dealt a major blow to the SNP.

Aberdeenshire and Kincardine also looks like going to the Tories but it seems unlikely that the SNP deputy leader, Angus Robertson, will lose in Moray, despite Tory forecasts.

The Scottish National party is facing a possible huge electoral setback, with broadcasters' exit polling suggesting it has lost about 20 of its 54 seats in Scotland.

"All of this because they have consistently put the interests of the Tory party ahead of the interests of the country".

Reuters reports, "An updated BBC forecast predicted May's Conservatives would win 318 of the 650 seats, eight short of a majority, while Corbyn's left-wing Labour would take 267 - producing a "hung parliament" and potential deadlock".

Popular Ms Davidson said the Tories had enjoyed a "historic night" - as the odds on her running the entire party tumbled. She argued that increasing the Conservative majority in Parliament would strengthen Britain's hand in Brexit talks.

They came after Davidson said that she had received assurances from Theresa May that there would be no movement on gay rights if the Tories strike a deal with Northern Ireland's socially conservative Democratic Unionist party.

She said: "A vote tomorrow for Labour or the Liberal Democrats, parties who are third and fourth position in Scotland, risks doing one thing and one thing only - splitting the anti-Tory vote and allowing a Tory MP in the back door".

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"I think people in the party see she reaches people that the Conservatives haven't got to in a long time".

The future of Theresa May and a second Scottish independence referendum dominate the Scottish front pages, in the wake of the dramatic election result. Unlike SNP MSPs and MPs, Murray gets on with the day job of helping his constituents, instead of agitating for a second independence referendum - just a few years after the last. Whilst they may use the language of the left, and Nicola Sturgeon is undoubtedly a good communicator, this doesn't match their record in government.

Davidson credits her "outsider's eye" for being able to overhaul the Scottish party after winning the leadership in 2011, and an ability to call a spade a spade.

"The election result was a comprehensive rejection of the Tory plans for an extreme Brexit - and single market membership must now be back on the table", he said.

"I'm proud to be Scottish and British and female and gay and Christian and Conservative and a Fifer and fond of chips, a fan of "Hamilton" the musical and to prefer dogs to cats", she told an audience at the Orwell Foundation last month.

"Now they're planning to cobble together an unstable administration, causing yet more damaging uncertainty".

Scottish Labour appears to have piggy-backed on the surge in support for UK-wide leader Jeremy Corbyn, who won over many voters with an unexpectedly strong campaign. Sturgeon didn't see this coming until too late, when she launched a personal attack on Kezia Dugdale.

The Scottish group is larger than the DUP, the party Theresa May is seeking support from to form a government.

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