Georgia GOP Leader: Scalise Shooting Will Win Us Tuesday's House Election

- Republican Karen Handel, 55, is a former Georgia secretary of state.

Given the national attention, both Ossoff and Handel have raised money from around the country, not just at home. "I've known Jon Ossoff for many years".

While many in the party's energized liberal base are arguing for an aggressive approach that would emphasize their disdain for and differences with Trump and the Republicans, Ossoff has lately taken a more conciliatory line.

"We're doing everything we can to make sure folks know when and where to vote and how", Ossoff said, according to The Hill.

The president initially misspelled Handel's name, but deleted that tweet.

At least one local Republican official interpreted last week's shooting as a potential positive for Handel's candidacy.

Handel and McCarthy started the day at a breakfast restaurant, shaking hands and urging people to vote on Tuesday.

"It's kind of a referendum", he said over a platter of pulled pork. She broadly endorsed Trump's loose outlines for tax cuts; he's said any plan must be "fiscally responsible".

"I don't really think it's a secret process when you have a task force that you put together", she said.

But it very well may, with polls showing a tossup in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, where Republicans usually coast.

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Handel made a similar appeal to honor the district's "legacy".

President Trump also tweeted his support Monday morning.

"There are many in this community, myself among them, who have deep concerns about the direction of things in Washington, about the integrity and competence of this administration", he said.

Even worse than these last-minute grotesque tactics is the response - or lack thereof - of Karen Handel.

"I think this is an opportunity for Georgia to elect some fresh leadership that's focused on delivering results for folks at home, focus on holding people accountable in Washington", Ossoff told reporters while campaigning over the weekend.

Ossoff, meanwhile, has sought to run a centrist campaign - studiously avoiding even saying Trump's name in an effort to make himself an acceptable alternative for typically conservative voters who might be inclined to buck the GOP.

The candidates and outside groups have poured a record $60 million into this district north of Atlanta, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission data by Issue One, a bipartisan campaign finance group.

They also say an unforced error, when she declared during a debate that she does "not support a livable wage" when arguing against an increase in the minimum wage, did her no favors (though its impact was blunted in the upscale district). I know because my husband and I get our insurance off of the exchanges and our premiums have gone from about $350 a month to $1200 a month. Regardless of whether it will, a GOP district chair did his best to provide his own incendiary comment during what's essentially the eleventh hour. "I don't want my district to have negative representation".

Jon Ossoff, a documentary film producer and former congressional aide, emerged from the field of five Democratic candidates to finish first, with over 48 percent of the vote in the primary.

Handel's successful line of attack against Ossoff for being funded by outside groups should scare national Democrats who are thinking hard about how to take Congress in 2018. Speaking to reporters briefly about the issue, she acknowledged that the House bill is "not ideal", but still said she would have supported it if she were in Congress.

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