Grand theft avocado: 3 arrested in $300K California theft

Men Who Illegally Sold Over $300K Worth of Avocados Arrested Sheriff

Ventura County Sheriff's Department

"They are in demand", continued Franchi.

All three men work for Mission Produce in Ventura County and are suspected of stealing the avocados, worth around $300,000, for resale purposes.

And after three California men devised a cunning plan to steal avocados from a facility where they worked, that may be the punishment they were hoping for. The sheriff's office launched an investigation into the theft of the avocados in May and that eventually led to the arrest of the three suspects on Wednesday, June 14.

Several men who allegedly sold over $300,000 worth of avocados illegally at the produce facility where they work were arrested this week, sheriff's officials said Friday.

Stealing fruit is usually a crime that only warrants a slap on the wrist.

"We take these kinds of thefts seriously, it's a big product here", he added.

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"They were looking to make money", he said.

Suspect Rahim Leblanc, 30, of Oxnard, California.

The men had been working at Mission Produce in Oxnard, 60km outside of Los Angeles. In recent times, the company changed its policy and began to deliver the fruits directly to their customers instead.

Almost 80% of avocados in America come from its southern neighbor, with California struggling to meet just 10% of the higher than ever demand for them.

In the past, customers would go directly to the facility to pick up their orders of avocado.

That's when Chavez, Leblanc and Valenzuela concocted a plan to sell the company's avocados and pocket the cash themselves. Avocados are in high demand, with a box of them retailing for $50 each, according to the president of Mission Produce, President Steve Barnard.

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