MoS External Affairs meets Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

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BRICS Foreign Ministers to Discuss Syria Afghanistan on June 18-19 in Beijing Sputnik Zhanna Manukyan

"And terrorists can not be differentiated by calling them good or bad", he added in a brief interaction with the media.

"They are terrorists, they are criminals and we need to have concerted actions both regionally and internationally to curb their activities", minister of state for external affairs VK Singh said.

A Joint Statement released at the end of the conference condemned "terrorism in all its forms and manifestations wherever committed and by whomsoever".

India, today, pitched for a greater engagement with BRICS nations which have steadily expanded its agenda from financial matters to security and counter terrorism issues facing the worldwide community.

China has also blocked India's bid to enter the NSG. Next month, the UNSC will revisit an application to sanction Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar that Beijing, at Pakistan's behest, placed a "technical hold" on. "BRICS cooperation is an eye catching one in today's arena", he said, adding that "whether or not BRICS is fading or not playing important role, China believes that the important attitude is seeing is believing".

Without naming Pakistan, India on Monday said there is no difference between good and bad terrorists and urged BRICS member countries to step up the fight against terrorism.

Singh's comments came days after China said it was opposed to "double standards" in fighting terror ahead of the BRICS ministers' meeting.

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But the meeting is unlikely to quell complaints that the prime minister has been slow to reach out to fire survivors. A team of civil servants has been embedded into the Kensington and Chelsea Council office to bolster relief work.

Earlier in the day, Singh said besides cooperating on financial issues, the BRICS agenda had witnessed steady expansion. He said there are working groups formed in BRICS to deal with counter terrorism issues. The ministers supported the efforts of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces in fighting against terror organisations. "In their meeting a year ago, they reached significant understanding to enhance BRICS cooperation in security and counter-terrorism".

"I reiterate India attaches its utmost importance to its engagement with BRICS". "The Prime Minister has repeatedly underscored the role of BRICS in the worldwide arena and stressed the importance of fostering intra-BRICS cooperation".

Beijing will host this year's BRICS summit at Xiamen on the south-eastern coast of China in September.

Minister of state for external affairs Gen. V.K. Singh meets Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi for a bilateral meeting in Beijing on Sunday. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and other multilateral frameworks should promote peace and stability in the Asian region as well as the world at large, Singh said.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on June 18 called for closer cooperation among the BRICS countries during talks with South African, Indian and Russian officials.

After the meeting and the press interaction, all five ministers called on President Xi Jinping.

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