Wahlberg, Bay tease fans on return to 'Transformers'

39;Transformers The Last Knight'

Transformers The Last Knight

Now, Michael Bay hopes to improve the 3D experience by shooting natively in a format that allows two cameras to create a more engrossing effect.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Paramount Pictures has unveiled one more clip from the movie as Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager meets with Sir Anthony Hopkins' Sir Edmund Burton as he seeks answers to the real mythology of the Transformers. It's my last one. "It's the last one so I get my life back", he said.

Bay spoke with Fandango about his next release, and he said that he's simply exhausted from making these movies.

As everyone on Earth waits politely hand-in-hand to see some fudgin' Transformers wielding big-ass robot swords alongside King Arthur, Mark Wahlberg has some sad news for franchise die-hards.

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Don't forget that previous year, Paramount announced the release dates for three more films in the franchise, with The Last Knight being the first. Not only is The Last Knight going to introduce some fascinating mythology aspects to the series that will end up being fundamental to the story moving forward, but the overall expansion of the universe will mean new cast members.

Director Michael Bay also attended and confirmed that the film would be his final Transformers movie. In the same Graham Norton interview, Wahlberg lamented that he had to spend five months getting in the right physical condition for The Last Knight, on top of the fact that he hates the 70s-style long hair that he grew out for the role. They take a lot out of you", replied Bay on his exit from the series "I've done it enough, and I've had a great time doing it. "I look like my mum in the 70s - it's just really bad!" he quipped.

Transformers: The Last Knight tickets are live and can be bought anywhere across the USA the film releases later this month on June 21. He admits he had a good run with the franchise but he still wants to make other movies.

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