Woman killed by police identified by relatives

Seattle police have said officers responding to a burglary call at the apartment shot and killed the 30-year-old woman who was armed with a knife.

The officer continued to speak to Lyles, who said she left her apartment unlocked when she went out to the store. "I could have taken her down", said Monika Williams, Lyles' sister. They are questioning the decision to shoot the young mother since she was a diminutive woman who called the police for help. They discuss a previous interaction Lyles had with law enforcement - and the fact that she was the subject of an "officer safety caution".

"She was not a person you would fear or feel intimidated by", Lyles' brother Domico Jones said. They said she had expressed concerns that authorities would take her children - adding that one of them has Down syndrome. "Just because of where she lived and the mental things she's going through, doesn't mean you get to take her life", Isabell said.

Audio released Monday by the Seattle Police Department depicts an encounter that quickly escalated into violence. Roughly 15 seconds later, officers can be heard saying, "Get back!"

In the weeks before, Lyles had been arrested and spent nine days in jail, according to King County records.

The officers will be placed on paid leave, meaning taxpayers will continue to give them full pay even though they are not working (referred to many, including some dictionaries as "vacation").

Police officers say when they arrived at the fourth-floor apartment, Lyles confronted them with a knife, causing them to open fire on her, even though there were several children in the apartment with Lyles.

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In a statement that accompanied the release of the audio file, the Seattle Police Department said that both officers were equipped with less lethal force options and that all officers receive Crisis Intervention Training.

The shooting is now under investigation to determine whether the use of force was justified.

Lyles and the officers can be heard talking about the alleged burglary.

"My thoughts are with the many people impacted, including three children and the responding officers", Mayor Murray said. "She didn't charge nobody or nothing", said Williams of the earlier incident, in which her sister had been charged on several accounts, including obstruction and harassment.

But as the deaths of Lyles and Woods clearly indicate, black mothers - and mothers to be - are also at risk of being killed by police.

Under the agreement with the Justice Department, Seattle police adopted a new policy dictating that uses of force by officers must be reasonable, necessary and proportional to the threat or urgency of the situation.

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