Blakespear commits to Paris Climate Agreement

Sir Richard Branson at an event in San Francisco

Sir Richard Branson at an event in San

- The Vermont Legislature is supporting the Paris climate agreement despite President Donald Trump's decision to have the United States leave the agreement.

The Paris Agreement commits signatories to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, which is blamed for melting ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels and more violent weather events.

This agreement will choke any economic growth for this country.

Trump did little to quell those concerns Thursday. "However, there are persistent issues with fugitive emissions during gas extraction and transport that show that gas is not as "clean" as often thought", said Bill Hare of Climate Analytics. "Natural gas will disappear from the power sector in a Paris Agreement-compatible world, where emissions need to be around zero by mid-century". But a U.S. withdrawal from the deal would give China more opportunity to burnish its image as a global leader.

While I am disheartened at the executive branch's decision, I'm glad Rep. Meehan and other area politicians understand the threat that climate change has now and for future generations, including my young child, and is willing to stand up and fight for what's right. Although the report says that some gains can be made, it is an expensive technology - and even more costly if it is going to be a reliable way of reducing emissions by almost 100%.

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However in a letter titled "We Are Still In", filed on 6 June, hundreds of leaders of states, cities, universities and businesses pledging to continue their support for the Paris climate change agreement.

In fact, to the contrary, he said that he did believe the climate is changing. It demonstrates the willing to back away from a coalition it assembled just 18 months ago.

The report, Foot off the Gas, is published by Climate Action Tracker (CAT), an independent science-based assessment which tracks countries' emission commitments and actions.

It will take several years before the world "will have a proper understanding of what the implications are" of the United States of America withdrawal, Terblanche said.

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