Black groups in Cincinnati upset by 2nd mistrial

The jury in the retrial of former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was deadlocked, and Judge Leslie Ghiz declared a mistrial. His death, which one prosecutor called "senseless", fueled the debate over race relations in policing. And then in a quick, blurry jumble that lasts just a few seconds, Tensing shoots DuBose in the head.

In closing arguments, Tensing's attorney, Stew Mathews, argued that DuBose put Tensing's life in danger when he "elected to start that auto, put it into gear and take off with Ray Tensing's arm trapped inside it". DuBose, 43, was black and Tensing is white.

An audio recording captured Castile telling Yanez he had a gun in the vehicle, and the officer telling Castile not to reach for it. Seconds later, Yanez opened fire.

In a statement released following the most recent mistrial, family members of DuBose commended prosecutors for their "strong presentation in this case", but said they were "outraged that a second jury has now failed to convict Ray Tensing for the murder of our beloved Sam DuBose". And to make matters even more complicated, the case against the former University of Cincinnati police officer include video evidence captured by the body camera worn by Tensing himself, which depicts in full his fateful encounter with DuBose a few blocks from campus. Minnesota officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty last Friday in the killing of Philando Castile. It's the latest racially charged police shooting case to show the reluctance of USA jurors to convict officers. Nine of the jurors were white, and three were black.

It is the fourth time that courts haven't convicted police officers charged with the death of black men. This is the second mistrial of Tensing for this crime.

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A black man is pulled over by a police officer. "Do I disengage and let Sam DuBose drive away or do I kill him?".

All three cases started with a traffic stop.

Raymond Tensing, a police officer indicted on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 for the fatal shooting of an apparently unarmed black man after a confrontation during a traffic stop Sunday, July 19, 2015. His first trial had 10 whites and two blacks.

The DuBose family, Mingo said, "does not want anyone perpetrating any act of violence or destruction and say they are doing it in Sam's memory". Prosecutors, though, have argued that Tensing had not been in serious danger and that the use of deadly force was unnecessary. A jury in that case deadlocked and a mistrial was declared; Slager later pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge stemming from the shooting, resolving both cases. Though the judge didn't allow him to present his animations, she did allow him to serve as a video expert. The university reached a $5.3 million settlement with DuBose's family, including free undergraduate tuition for DuBose's 13 children.

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