John Oliver Tears Into the Rise of Anti-Vaxxers

Country singer Tanya Tucker

Country singer Tanya Tucker

For everyone who believes vaccines are unsafe, Sunday's Last Week Tonightspent half an hour arguing the opposite.

Oliver blames some of the mainstreaming of the topic on Donald Trump: Despite being "one of humanity's most incredible accomplishments" and saving millions of lives, "small groups are both skeptical and vocal about vaccines, which is nothing new", Oliver said.

Oliver went on to show footage of Trump at a GOP debate a year ago expressing concerns about vaccinations, most notably saying that he'd like to see them drawn out over a longer period of time and that dosages look like they're "meant for a horse, not a child". "Instead - like the president - they'll say 'I'm not anti-vaccine, but.'" Oliver said that what comes after that but is what he wanted to clear up for parents.

Rather than get entirely political and enforce all of my views on vaccinations in children, I will say that I'm a father of two young boys and 100% support getting them vaccinated.

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On "Last Week Tonight, " Oliver said parents are not just making decisions for their own children - others' children are affected by those decisions as well. As ever, Oliver did his level best to rein in his need to explode in entertainingly accented outrage at parents putting kids at risk with their baseless fears of "needles full of science juice". (And even then, there's a mercury-free version for the anxious.) Or celebrities like noted not-expert-in-anything Rob Schneider, who, in an interview, claims that government-mandated vaccinations are "against the Nuremberg Laws", a quote from his next role The Annoying Guy Who Is Wrong, according to Oliver. "And we tend not to talk about the very tangible good that they do". My point is the human body is a true carnival of horrors and frankly I'm embarrassed to have one.

"Parenthood in general is fucking terrifying". But, for what it's worth, and if this helps at all, I have a son. He was born prematurely following a very hard pregnancy.

"If I can overcome the temptation to listen to the irrational shouting of my terrified lizard brain", he said, "then I believe that everyone can".

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