What is the fuss about Snapchat's new feature?

Image via invalidmustache  Reddit

Image via invalidmustache Reddit

The new feature is said to be created to help friends meet up or attend events together but concerns have been raised regarding the potential abuse of the feature.

The new feature, "Snap Map", shares the user's exact location with their friends list - allowing them see where you are, at any moment. Sounds cool right? But what if you're totally unaware you have this feature turned on to all your Snapchat friends and they can see you're every move.

Security experts said parents should stay up to date about the apps sharing their children's location and make sure children limit their audience or shut them off altogether.

Andrew Rossow, a cyberspace and technology lawyer says the biggest concern is that users are updating the app without reading what the actual update consists of.

Freaked out yet? Don't worry- you can turn the feature of completely.

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When you open the Snap Map for the first time, you'll get a prompt to choose who to share your location with.

Other police officers across the USA have also expressed their concerns with this new feature. To do so, open Snapchat, access the Settings in the upper-right corner and select Ghost Mode. Below are directions from the Snapchat website to help you enable and disable these options. From there, you'll be able to make adjustments. You have to go into their computer and you have to take their phone.

Vishwanath says a lot of kids add people they don't know on Snapchat, and this new feature could put them in danger by revealing their location to strangers.

To adjust these settings, go to the camera screen, pinch the screen with two fingers, and it will load the map. If not, you will see a screen showing you nearby friends, friends traveling and friends in other locations where you've previously lived or visited frequently.

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