Injured After NYC Subway Derailment

Subway car derails, disrupts train service in NYC

Three Wounded After Manhattan Subway Train Derails

"The pressures and problems of maintaining an older system while still operating 24/7 can lead to something like this", said Jim Gannon, spokesman for Transit Workers Union Local 100, which represents subway workers but not the suspended supervisors.

The A train is one of the most used line by New Yorkers, because connects nearly all the boroughs.

Navarro, a 24-year MTA veteran, said equipment has always been stored on the tracks as a "cost-cutting" measure for the agency.

The MTA said it is investigating the incident and what triggered the emergency brakes to activate as they do not know yet whether it was a person pulling them or if they went off on their own.

Passengers on board the subway took to social media to describe the experience, which included smoke, loud bangs and being stuck underground. "I didn't have time to be scared before then, but I looked around and the woman next to me was curled up in some sort of fetal tuck".

"We had no idea where the smoke was coming from", Danny said.

"As soon as the train stopped, people started screaming". Emergency crews shut off track power after derailments to prevent evacuees from being electrocuted.

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The episode intensified scrutiny of New York's antiquated subway system - one of the world's busiest with over 5.6 million average daily trips - which has had soaring delays and a build-up of incidents.

The derailment tossed people to the floor and forced hundreds of passengers to evacuate through darkened tunnels.

Andrew Cuomo has the power to fix New York City's recurring subway issues, former Gov.

The city's transportation officials have been under fire for a growing number of delays.

As Cuomo prepares to channel funding toward major projects like a train to LaGuardia, New Yorkers are putting pressure on the governor's office to prevent more fiascos on the existing subway system. A and D trains are holding in stations in Manhattan.

Reports indicate there are about 70,000 delays every month.

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