Homeland Security chief, Hispanic lawmakers meet on immigration

Trump admin to lawmakers DACA in jeopardy Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly

Trump admin to lawmakers DACA in jeopardy Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly

Kelly was questioned about the continuation of the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals); ICE arrests targeting the parents and family of children seeking refuge; detention and deportation of those with no criminal record and/or stays of deportation; the renewal of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for numerous countries; and the deportation of USA veterans. But his position has softened since he became president, saying his administration won't target people protected by DACA.

About 800,000 of those are Dreamers, who face a major court test after Texas said it would sue to overturn the 2012 deportation amnesty, known as DACA, that was created by President Obama but has been continued under Mr. Kelly and President Trump.

The following is a statement from Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, a Member of the Judiciary Committee and Chair of the Immigration Task Force of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Mr. Trump said, though, that he'll make it.

Attendees of the meeting emphasized the decision-making power of the Secretary of Homeland Security, insisting that the future of thousands of people depended on him, but the official simply stated that such decisions were beyond his reach and that it was the work of Congress to change the laws if they did not meet their demands.

"He's personally for it". "He was challenged by those of us in the room, by lawmakers, to publicly announce his own position and to be a leader and to stand up and defend DACA".

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During his run for the presidency, Trump took a hardline stance on immigration and pledged to deport all 12 million or so illegal immigrants in the country. He said they can "rest easy" and that his administration is "not after the dreamers, we are after the criminals".

"Again that was a personal observation based on discussions with attorneys", Lapan said.

Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas told the Dallas Morning News that he asked Kelly "very directly whether the administration would defend DACA and he couldn't give me a conclusive answer".

"I told him we would invite him to a press conference in support of DACA legislation, and he said that he would consider it", she said to reporters.

Mr. Kelly has also said he's skeptical of repeated renewals of TPS, which he said were done under previous administrations without the sort of careful review of facts on the ground.

Lawmakers at the meeting are pushing for passage of a bill called the BRIDGE Act that would allow hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to remain eligible for a work permit without fear of deportation. Then, Kelly pushed for two bills that cracked down on illegal immigration.

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