Elon Musk says he has 'verbal approval' to build hyperloop

TransPod Calgary Skyline

An artist's rendering of the Trans Pod hyperloop against the Calgary skyline

The entrepreneur says he has received "verbal government approval" to build the underground transport hyperloop, although he did not say who gave the approval or how any such project would proceed.

In two tweets on Thursday he said, "just received verbal government approval for the Boring Company to build an underground NY-Phil-Balt-DC hyperloop".

Musk said hyperloop tunnels could ferry people, cars and even bikes from NY to Washington in 29 minutes.

Company Chief Executive Elon Musk retweeted a story late Friday afternoon titled "SpaceX skipping Red Dragon for "vastly bigger ships" on Mars" that was published on Tesla enthusiasts blog Teslarati. The company said it expects to secure the formal approvals necessary to break ground later this year.

Vargas, who has several physics degrees, said he especially enjoyed touring Musk's newest venture, The Boring Co.

Engineers who are working on the project have the goal of sending pods through a tube at speeds of more than 700 miles per hour, using magnetic levitation and an electric motor in a vacuum environment. "Still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but am optimistic that will occur rapidly", Musk clarified a few hours after posting his first tweet.

"Elon Musk has had no contact with Philadelphia officials and we do not know what he means when he says he has received government approval".

While the hyperloop is Musk's idea, he hasn't taken on the project personally.

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Running from "city centre to city centre", the tunnel would have "up to a dozen" more entry and exit points along the route, Musk said in a series of tweets about the project.

On its website, the Boring Company says some tunneling projects today cost as much as $1 billion per mile but its goal is to lower costs by a factor of 10 or more.

He mentioned an East Coast hyperloop at that conference, saying "If you were to do something like a DC-to-New York hyperloop, I think you'd probably want to go underground the entire way because it's a high-density area".

"You're going under a lot of buildings and houses, and if you go deep enough, you can not detect the tunnel", he said.

Recenly, Elon Musk was asked about the Los Angeles to San Francisco project and the answer was: that it "would be great"... but why end there?

Both hyperloop and Musk's LA tunneling idea are longshots - but Musk does have a flare for bringing the impossible to life.

And earlier this year, Musk to his plans for reusing rockets a step further when he sent one back into space.

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