Dying Light is still pulling in 500000 weekly players

Dying Light

10 free DLC packs coming to Dying Light over the next year

Dying Light, which launched in 2015, still has such a large and devoted following that Techland has planned 10 free DLC drops over the coming year as a thank you. Every piece of DLC will be free for all players across all platforms, whether you play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC.

It appears the first content that will be on the way will contain new enemies. It starts with "DLC No. 0", which introduces new adversaries. GameSpot has learned that the first content drop is arriving "in the coming weeks". Even so, it's safe to say that those who keep returning to Dying Light will be looking forward to the studio's next proper project, as it now has two new games in development. That's just 200,000 short of when the game launched. Pretty impressive for a game that's nearly three years old, eh?

Parkour-and-zombie-slaughterer Dying Light has been out for well over two years now, yet fan enthusiasm continues unabated. Thus, it is reaching out to fans and asking them for feedback and suggestions.

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In the original announcement, Techland also said you can expect never-before-seen locations and additional gameplay tweaks. With such a dedicated community, Techland continues to deliver, with the most recently announced CARnage 2.0.

"Dying Light" is getting more downloadable content in the next 12 months.

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