[SPOILERS] Here's the preview for the next episode of 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones Addressed One of Its Biggest Fan Theories Tonight

'Game of Thrones': Azor Ahai, the “Prince That Was Promised,” Explained

Back in Season 1, the direwolves were just small, cuddly balls of fluff, not the big, deadly wolves they are today. With Game of Thrones bringing the prophecy to the forefront again, chances are we'll be getting an answer sooner rather than later. The first episode seemed to be little slow as it was the cheese setting stage for the audience but the second episode made us follow the amped action. "Jon Snow has even more reason to hate Cersei as we do".

The seventh season of Game of Thrones continues to barrel through emotional moments, long-awaited meetings and reunions, paying off so many things that were set up in early seasons of the series.

But the scene served a greater goal than to revolt fans, Bradley said. He's not an idiot: it's highly probable he's had spies in Yara Greyjoy's fleet ever since she stole the Iron Fleet from him.

How else could Euron have known where to find Yara and the Sand Snakes?

So that's goodbye to the Kiwi element of the show. And he suffered extreme torture at Ramsay's hand. Tyrion said. "No", khaleesi responded, "but I like it better".

Wait. Am I the only one who noticed this?

But Nymeria wasn't the only direwolf that was supposed to be back this week.

Missendai and Grey Worm's goodbye was truly touching. Well, it's only appropriate that Game of Thrones viewers receive another gift of the same magnitude, what with winter being here and all. It was actually quite lovely to see a sex scene between two characters who's love for each other has been evident since day one. While this is going on, the Unsullied will sneak in and take the Lannister stronghold, Casterley Rock. Yes, they will be bumped off and when it comes to killing, GoT is macabre.

That wasn't the only moment in this episode that got the waterworks going slightly. He also reveals to Arya that Jon is in charge at Winterfell, prompting her to change course for home.

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It's still slightly confusing, as surely Arya seeing that domestication is the wrong thing for Nymeria might mean that it is for her too, and once more turn her away from her return to Winterfell, but it's actually the animalistic behaviour she's been showing that she's turning away from here. Like, Ghost ain't got nothing on her. Her Faceless training has left her less a Stark than before. "That's not you", Arya realizes, and she may even be talking to herself.

While it seems like a fitting way to catch up on Nymeria as well as tie up her story, according to Vanity Fair, this will not be the last time fans will see her in Game of Thrones. Cut him a break, people!

He then may have heard whispers of a baby emerging from the Tower of Joy, and put it all together.

How far will this tension between Jon and Sansa ultimately go? Jon Snow is taking decisions as the King in the North. Arya is taking revenge from all those who had hurt her family.

Will Daenerys and Jon become Westeros's new power couple?

What they could agree on, was how hard the "heartbreaking" scene was to watch.

Remember how that turned out. Those who are squeamish are advised not to watch this part. "He came into this with only lovely intentions to come and do a good job and sing well". We see him standing in the great hall before the Iron Throne once again. Hopefully Mark Addy will still portray him.

Really, it will always be an event whenever Daenerys crosses paths with a famous face from Westeros. I was hoping for something so much cooler.

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