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But there's at least one woman who is already laying the groundwork for an alliance between Jon and Daenerys, and it's someone that we haven't seen since last season. Sam wants to stand on the battlefield with Jon Snow, but he knows he can't do that, so the academic world is now his battlefield.

Both have been claimed as the legendary figure by various third parties and both seem destined to take on the White Walkers (assumed by most to be the so-called "darkness"), so we wouldn't be surprised to see the prophecy fulfilled as the series draws to a close. He gets some pushback ("A Targaryen can't be trusted") but Davos insists: "If we don't band together, we will die".

Meanwhile, Jacob and Nathalie fully co-signed on the growing relationship of Missandei and Grey Worm, as depicted in the new trailer.

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An epic battle scene that seems to pit the Lannister armies against Daenerys' Unsullied.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Littlefinger and Sansa appear to be having a pretty intense conversation which could tease a potential sinister plan ahead. "There's still that sexism that's ingrained in the culture", she said. Gwendoline Christie said she wanted to be put in a musical. I think she's always looking for happiness. Melisandre has spent a while thinking Jon was The Prince That Was Promised - but has meeting Dany made her consider that he might need a little fire to add to his ice? She's real woke. She's cautious. She sees the reality of the situation and sees men in a different light. With the triumphant return of Hodor, it of course brought up some serious feels about other characters (and there's a lot of them) who have been killed off in the show's history. "I really loved working with Jack Gleeson so much that I'd have to say Joffrey", she answered.

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