Trump invokes real estate developer William Levitt in speech to Boy Scouts

Trump Talks Elites, Threatens Sec Price in Boy Scouts Speech

Reporters Furious Over Trump's Boy Scouts Speech

"It looks like about 45,000 people".

Tonight we put aside all of the policy fights in Washington DC that you have been hearing about with the fake news and all of that ...

Like a lot of aspiring dictators, though, Trump seems to have found one demographic in particular that he can still mold into his ideal supporters: children.

Two of those former Boy Scouts and now-Cabinet members, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, joined Trump onstage.

McConnell says he's made a commitment to his state's voters to scuttle President Barack Obama's law.

The president launched the event by declaring: 'Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts?' Obama didn't visit the event, but did record a video for it in 2010, according to The Hill.

Trump came prepared with a speech and promised he would focus on politics. Trump turned to Price and said with a laugh that if he does not get the votes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act he will be fired. "They have been downplaying that little lovely phrase". Trump says that the country "has no better citizens than its Boy Scouts", adding: "The Scouts believe in putting America first".

He also told the Scouts, "We could use some more loyalty I will tell you that".

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Trump also appeared to think that he was back in the 2016 campaign as talked about the TV cameras and brought out that old Trump attack on the television networks for not showing the size of the crowd.

"I'm waving to people back there so small, I can't even see them", Trump said. "So I'm not going to tell you what he did". "One per cent or zero?"

Trump did speak some of success, as he initially planned, encouraging the scouts to wear the organization's values as a badge of honor throughout their lives.

President Donald Trump with a Monday morning tweet took yet another swipe at Attorney General Jeff Sessions by calling him "beleaguered" and questioning why he doesn't investigate Hillary Clinton's ties to Russian Federation.

"These dishonest people, they said, 'There is no path to victory for Donald Trump, "' he said. "The fake media will say".

As Trump told the scouts that they should spend their adult years doing something that they love to do, someone in the crowd shouted out that he loved the president.

He warned in a tweet that "the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand!" - hinting of political fallout for senators who vote against the measure. "U-S-A!" echoed around him. "MI came in", Trump said, paying tribute to millions of people in his political base who helped him get elected at a time of personal political peril where his loyal supporters are more important to him than ever.

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