Germany Condemns US Sanctions against Russia, Damages Europe

'US self-interest': Poll shows overwhelming majority of Germans against new Russia sanctions

Fake: EU To Impose Retaliatory Sanctions Against US

Now this document titled "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" will be submitted to US President Donald Trump for his potential stamp of approval to become law.

"The Americans can't punish German companies because they have business interests in another country".

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The new package of measures against Russian Federation, passed in Congress last week and set to be signed into law by Trump, would allow the impose sanctions on companies that worked on Russia's energy export pipelines.

The minister said Germany wanted to avoid a trade war between Europe and the US.

U.S. president Donald Trump is expected to sign a Bill tightening and extending sanctions on Russia for its undeclared war against Ukraine and alleged meddling in last year's USA election, and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin reacted by ordering 755 United States diplomats and other staff to stop work in his country.

Germany had, she said, repeatedly asked Washington not to move away from common anti-Russia sanctions policy.

Trump dictated son's first statement on Russian lawyer meeting
A tweet by Ben Tobias, spokesman for the Gainesville, Florida, police department, responding to Trump went viral, CNN reported . The president's advisers now worry that his involvement leaves him open to charges of a coverup as special counsel Robert S.

European leaders say the sanctions will jeopardize their energy security and hurt their economies.

Zypries added that the European Union should consider countermeasures in retaliation.

"Unfortunately, that is exactly what they are doing".

The sanctions target Russian gas and pipeline developments by codifying six of former President Barack Obama's executive orders implemented near the end of his term.

In addition to targeting major sectors of Russia's economy, including defense, railway, and banking industries the bill seeks to introduce individual sanctions for contributing in Russian energy projects, which will likely adversely impact numerous European companies.

Europeans are concerned about the fact that the U.S. is planning, through these measures, to impose restrictions on cooperation with Russian companies on pipeline construction and prioritize exports of USA energy resources to Europe. If the U.S. does not take European concerns into account sufficiently, the EU would act appropriately.

It also announced counter-measures that would affect US interests, which included cutting numbers of the USA diplomatic staff in Russian Federation and suspending use of summer residence in Moscow. "America First" can not mean that Europe's interests come last".

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