Kesha: Rainbow review - wronged pop avenger makes a captivating comeback

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Kesha Shares Emotional First Performance of 'Praying'

This is an artist who's been kept from making music for the better part of five years and now she's finally free to say what she wants, however she wants to say it and you can feel that.

"Dear Kesha, at this very moment, you may be wondering if it was a really good idea to drop out of high school", the pop star begins the note. "Skip it altogether. It's a breeding ground for negativity and hate". Here, Nashville instrumental outfit Steelism makes it a honky-tonk waltz in space, and it feels like a natural companion to contemporary dance-centric pop tracks like "Learn to Let Go" and "Boots". "Don't let people scare and chain you into changing the things about yourself that make you unique and interesting - those are the qualities that will make your life so magical".

Skirting around the lawsuit, as Kesha is not legally allowed to discuss it, Roberts said: 'We know, it's been well publicized, the issues and legally you can't talk about it. Apparently that's good enough. "Just to be clear, Luke has never wished for Kesha's music not to come out".

"You're still in a society that worships Photoshop models". You will meet kids who tell you that they struggle with the numerous same things you struggled with or more. In her own words, she believes that creating it helped save her life.

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Her song "Rainbow", she said, serves as a reminder that she made it through all this and will continue to survive whatever hardships life throws her.

After three years of legal battles with producer Dr. Luke, Kesha has returned with a new, acclaimed sound and is striking a defiant and liberated tone on the press circuit.

Not to get all cheesy over here, but after the darkest of storms a rainbow must always follow. But last week she hit the stage at YouTube Space L.A. for an intimate concert where she warmed the audience with "Woman" and perhaps most impressively, "Praying", the debut single off Rainbow. "I've written every song on this album, and they're all so personal", while wiping back the tears from her face.

Gaga, who has publicly supported Kesha in her accusations against Luke, fired back at the producer's team, saying that she has provided all relevant information and is an "ancillary witness".

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