Uber Adds In-App Messaging for Quick Communication Between Riders and Drivers

Uber Chat

Uber adds in-app driver-rider chat facility for greater convenience and privacy

On Thursday, the ride-hailing giant announced it is about to unveil a new in-app chat feature that is created to make it easier for drivers and riders to get in touch. Previously, riders either received a text from an unknown number which was usually their driver or the driver ended up honking like insane outside the pickup location.

Drivers can mark that they read the message by sending a thumbs up to the rider with one tap. When a driver gets the message, it will be read out loud so they can focus on the road.

The new feature will start rolling out in the next few weeks to both Android and iOS devices and should make life a little easier and safer for the rider and driver.

Another positive is that because the in-app messaging only requires an internet connection, worldwide travelers without affordable roaming plans will only need to be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot to communicate with their driver. The driver can also be the first to send a message, but their app will strongly advise them only to do so while stationary.

This feature also means that drivers and riders no longer have to share their phone number with one another.

The chat function is primarily created to send the driver instructions about conditions and the pickup location, for example. The rider can easily chat with their driver in real time.

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"In many of our markets, SMS isn't actually available for us, we don't have the technology in place", said Uber Product Manager Jeremy Lermitte in an interview.

Another reason why Uber has added a chat feature to its app is because some markets only have limited SMS or call plans.

Both the driver and the rider will be able to see their messages and that the other party has received them.

To remedy this issue, the ride-sharing app has created a new in-app messaging feature, and it's genius.

Uber last month added a "request a ride for someone else" feature.

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