With no Wednesday victor, Powerball jackpot grows

Here are odds of winning both Powerball Mega Millions

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Excitement is buzzing among Lottery players across South Florida and the nation as jackpot for two multi-state games, Mega Millions and Powerball, have continued to rise to a combined total of $738 million.

The drawing for the whopping jackpot will be held on Friday and would be the largest since July 8, 2016. The jackpot for Saturday night's Powerball drawing is a $356 million annuity or a $224 million cash prize.

The prizes are based on winners taking an annuity with the prize money being paid out over 29 years.

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Pennsylvania has sold 17 Powerball jackpot-winning tickets since 2002, and two jackpot-winning Mega Millions tickets since 2010. Your odds are slightly better if you play Mega Millions: about one in 258 million. They came up with 1 in just over 75.6 quadrillion. Luckiest places around Houston to buy your lotto tickets After September 1, a new law will make it so that Texas Lottery winners can remain anonymous.

To put that in perspective, those odds are about 6,000 times worse than the odds experts have calculated of being killed by a meteorite strike - at the same time you're being attacked by a shark.

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