'Wonder Woman' crosses 400 million Dollars at US Box-Office

Wonder Woman 2 to release in 2019 Gal Gadot's'Wonder Woman 2 will hit the theatres

Wonder Woman 2 to release in 2019 Gal Gadot's'Wonder Woman 2 will hit the theatres

The movie is then released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 19th, 2017. To put that into perspective, the only superhero film that managed better than that was The Avengers, which held for 52 days at over $1 million in returns.

Three rare Wonder Woman comics - two of which were only rumoured to exist up until now - will be up for auction later this month on eBay.

WONDER WOMAN reigns supreme in theaters across North America, with today's tickets bringing the box office to a total of $400 million and counting-the most for any film in this year's highly competitive summer corridor-and taking it to a worldwide total of more than $794 million to date. All releases will feature the theatrical version of the movie to go with extended and deleted scenes as part of the special features.

Coming Soon is reporting the full Wonder Woman Blu-ray details. The Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D combo pack will each retail for $44.95, while the standard Blu-ray combo pack will sell for $35.99 and the DVD will go for $28.98.

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This sounds very much like a scene that was shot as a potential post-credits stinger for the movie that Warner Bros. ultimately decided not to include.

Chris Pine in a still from Hollywood movie Wonder Woman. Either way, if you pick up the Blu-ray you'll get to see it. Jenkins herself will also take viewers on an "exclusive journey" with featurettes like "Warriors of Wonder Woman", "The Wonder Behind The Camera", and "Finding The Wonder Woman Within".

The Wonder Woman showcase features an array of costumes and props used in the film and allows fans to actually set foot into some of the iconic settings from the film.

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