Nintendo Is Being Sued Over The Switch Joy-Con Design

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers

Nintendo Is Getting Sued over the Switch's Design, Apparently

Accessory maker Gamevice has claimed that the Switch's tablet-based removable controller too closely resembles the design of its Wikipad device. Gamevice was created under the name Wikipad in 2008 and co-founded by the current CEO of Oculus VR Brandon Irbe. was granted a patent in September of 2015.

As Engadget explains, Gamevice had grand designs for the Wikipad when it began hyping the tablet up in 2012.

For the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo ended up partnering with NVIDIA for their Tegra chipset to power their new system. It filed the lawsuit on August 9th.

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Although Switch came out this year, Nintendo has been researching the concept for some time prior, of course. The Wikipad uses the external portable controllers called Joy-Con controllers. One of the unique features of the Switch is its detachable Joy-Con controllers. Also, Nintendo has been working on its similar controllers for years. The Wikipad's controller also serves as a dock for the device, while the Switch relies on a separate dock that charges both the console and controllers. The company demands that Nintendo must discontinue the Switch manufacturing and distribution and compensate it for the damages.

It's the console's hybrid design coupled with an impressive lineup of first-party titles that helped Switch become a massive success. The Switch has been performing considerably better than its predecessor, the Wii U. Unfortunately, they could be due to some controversy as #Gamevice, a gaming accessory manufacturer, believe that the Switch's handheld tablet and Joypads are too close to their peripherals available for purchase. In the past, the Japanese company had been sued over Nintendo 3DS.

Now the complaint has been filed, the court should issue a summons to the defendants, in this case Nintendo and its subsidiary Nintendo of America. Nintendo lost the battle in 2013, and was required to pay Tomita $30.2 million in damages.

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